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PGS Fasteners & Metal Corp., promoters of stainless steel fasteners in Gujarat, India, has pioneered the manufacturing and marketing of S.S. Fasteners by developing various fitting products by creating rust-free fixings to prevent corrosion issues in industries. We are the Top Niche Stainless Steel Nut Manufacturers in India, who are also globally renowned. Our company has a huge stockpile of stainless steel fasteners in all grades which have consistent quality as well as outstanding finishing. Precision modules, stringent quality measures, a wide range of nuts and bolts, and varied grade accessibility have made our company a separate entity in itself and our team is catered by highly competent handling experts. We are not only the manufacturer of Stainless Steel nuts as we discussed above but also manufacture and deliver many other varieties of industrial fasteners, which have been exported by our company throughout the world. Along with that, we are also catering to domestic sales which consists of dealers, sub-dealers, and original tools makers. We are the country’s leading company at present and we are involved in trading Stainless Steel Nuts for the last few years as well as manufacturing and supplying a wide range of studs, nuts, bolts, and customized products as per the client’s diagram and illustrations.


Material Stainless Steel
Grade A2 (SS304) , A4 (316)
Size M6 – M16

The best quality Stainless Steel Castle Nut manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Whenever the requirement related to the different types of SS castle nuts arises our company is the chief choice amongst our customers. The complete solution related to all types of Stainless Steel Castle Nuts is provided by us. They are manufactured using superior quality steel and its alloy for the manufacturing of these nuts. We deliver a wide range of these castle nuts that are available in different sizes and can be chosen as per requirements and applications.

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Material Stainless Steel
Grade A2 (SS304) , A4 (SS316)
Size M6 – M20

The best quality Stainless Steel Eye Nuts in Gujarat and India are provided by the PGS fasteners. These eye nuts are manufactured utilizing the best quality raw materials and making them favorable for different usage and are used for different applications. These nuts are possessing a ring-like structure and are as per the latest standards that make them favorable for use worldwide. We are a prominent Stainless Steel Eye Nuts manufacturer and supplier in India and a complete solution related to these types of eye nuts is provided at a nominal price.

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Material Stainless Steel
Grade A2 (SS304) , A4 (316)
Standard DIN 546
Size M4 – M16

The supreme quality Stainless Steel Slotted in Ahmedabad is provided by our company. These nuts have two slots on one of their ends and can fit the place wherever they are used and due to that slotting on their surface, they got their respective names. The wide range of these Slotted Round Nuts manufactured using premium quality materials is provided by our company.

slotted round nut manufacturer in india


Material Stainless Steel
Grade A2 (SS304) , A4 (316)
Size M6X6 , M8X8 , M10X10 , M12X12

We are the leading manufacturer of these Stainless Steel Special Hex Nuts in India and a very wide range of different sizes of these made using different materials is provided by us.

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Material  Stainless Steel
Grade A2 (304) , A4 (316)
Size M6 – M12  (Short / Long Spring)

Also available in Mild Steel

Our company is the chief Stainless Steel Spring Channel Nuts manufacturer and supplier in India. We are engaged in providing the short spring nuts as well as the long spring channel nuts and they can be easily chosen as per your requirements. The complete solution related to all the types of SS spring channel nuts is provided by our company.

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Material Stainless Steel
Grade SS202 , A2 (SS304) , A4 (SS316)
Standard DIN 557
Size M5 – M12

Customised Nuts & Special Grade are available on request

The premium quality of the stainless steel square nuts at the exclusive price range is provided by our company. The entire range is manufactured using the best quality raw materials and is as per the latest standards.

Square Nuts manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in Ahmedabad

Stainless Steel Square Nut Manufacturer

Square Nut, also known as four-sided nuts, is mainly applied in channel appliances. Stainless Steel Square Nuts are adaptable products that are offered in a variety of specifications and categories. Stainless Steel Square Nut has a bigger surface part, but it takes time to lock for preventing the loosening of the bolts, these square nuts are used. Stainless Steel Square Nuts provide various features such as high corrosion resistance to fight harsh environments, and high strength to resist high-pressure levels during applications, and forms. As the leading Stainless Steel Square Nut Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter in Gujarat, India; we provide only the best quality products to our clients. We manufacture all these types of Stainless Steel Square Nuts as per nationalized and global standards. Our offered Stainless Steel Square Nuts are the most demanded products by various industrial units such as in the pulp and paper industry, desalination plant, chemical processing industry, petrochemical industry, marine water supply industries, oil and gas refineries, and various other industries. We manufacture standard as well as customized Square Nuts as per customers’ particular specifications. We design and manufacture all these Stainless Steel Square Nuts from high-quality materials that are sourced by the most reliable and renowned vendors to meet client demands. We follow the procedure, which is directed by professional experts, as well as conduct various types of critical tests for examining the quality, strength, dimensions, and overall mechanical features of the product.


Material Stainless Steel
Grade A2 (SS304)
Standard DIN 928
Size M5 – M8

The wide range of these Stainless Steel Square Weld Nuts is manufactured and supplied by the customers. It has a square-shaped extension welded on each of the four corners and they are specially designed for different applications. The best quality Stainless Steel Square Weld Nuts in Gujarat are provided by our company.

We are a unique entity in the industry, actively committed towards manufacturing a qualitative range of Square Weld Nut.


Material Mild Steel , Stainless Steel
Size M3 – M10

Also available in Mild Steel

The PGS Fasteners are providing a wide range of these Stainless Steel Tee Nuts in India. These tee nut shapes are resembles to the alphabet T shapeand designed for the special applications.

tee-nuts manufacturers in india - LIFTING EYE BOLT manufacturer


Material Stainless Steel
Grade A2 (SS304)
Standard DIN 929
Size M3 – M16

Also available in Mild Steel

We are manufacturer and supplier of the wide range of the Stainless Steel Weld Nuts provided by the company. The entire range is manufactured using the best quality raw materials and after passing the strict quality test they are supplied and exported worldwide. The different sizes of the SS weld nuts are produced by the company and can be chosen as per the requirements.


Stainless Steel Hex Weld Nut Manufacturer

We manufacture high-quality Stainless Steel Hex Weld Nuts Fasteners. We have an extensive range of Hex Weld Nuts, with ready stock for supply as well as for export. We also take orders with specific requirements and manufacture products as per customers’ specifications. Other than Stainless Steel, these Hex Weld Nuts are available in various types of materials which include Carbon Steel, Nickel, High Tensile, Monel, Inconel, and so on as per the needs of customers. We are the most authentic and genuine Stainless Steel Hex Weld Nut Manufacturer in India. Our offered hex weld nuts are uniquely designed and are used in automobile, construction, and engineering industries. Depending on your specific job requirements, we will offer you threaded hex weld nuts in various styles, dimensions, and sizes. These unique hex weld nuts possess features like increased strength and resistance to corrosion so that can be utilized for a wide array of applications. Along with all other advantages, these fasteners provided by us can save you significant time and also prevent hassle connected with normal fasteners. Moreover, we provide you with first-class stainless steel hex weld nuts at the most reasonable prices.


Material Stainless Steel
Grade SS202 , A2 (SS304)
Standard DIN 315 (LIGHT , HEAVY)
Size M4 – M16

Also available in Mild Steel

These premium quality Stainless Steel Wing Nuts is manufactured and supplied by our company to customer situated worldwide. Different types of wing nuts are provided by us and these nuts are designed in such a way that they are possessing wind-like structures which makes them favorable to be used for different purposes. The PGS fasteners & Metal Corp are the major Stainless Steel Nuts manufacturer in India and the entire range of SS nuts is provided by our company. These Nuts are possessing features like superior quality, smooth exterior finish, different sizes, stronger in nature, rust-proof body, easy to install, etc. You can call us to enquire us for more details.

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SS Nut Bolt Manufacturer

We are known as the best SS Nut Bolt Manufacturer in India, we provide a wide range of finest quality Stainless Steel nuts and bolts. The entire range of products offered by us is highly praised by the customers for their outstanding quality. These Stainless Steel Nut Bolts are made accessible in different sizes and styles to match our customers’ requirements. We are proudly an Indian-based firm that offers all our products and services in India as well as worldwide. The main objective of our company is maximizing customer satisfaction by offering the best products at an affordable price so that we sustain a long-run connection with our clients. We are also providing our products to the different parts of the foreign states. We can assure you the best quality products because all our products are manufactured by using premium quality raw materials and employing the latest technology. With the help of the latest technology that we use and the first-class products we deliver made us recognized as the best SS Nut Bolt Supplier in India in just a few years of establishment. Moreover, all our products are certified and comply with the international industry standards.

SS 304 Nut Bolt Manufacturer

We are an ISO-approved SS 304 Nut Bolt Manufacturer in India. We supply a full range of SS Fasteners, Stainless Steel Nuts, and Bolts at industry-leading prices. Stainless Steel 304 Nut Bolts offer a great combination of strength, corrosion resistance, and durability. These Nut Bolts are used to support pipes in which gasses or fluids pass and they help to develop weldability as compared to the other nut bolts. Our offered Stainless Steel 304 Nuts and Bolts provide long operating life and possess an attractive and clean finish with a low maintenance expense. Stainless Steel 304 Nut Bolts provided by us are used in the paper industry, chemical plants, power generations, heat exchangers, and many applications which involve acids. As they economize the expense of the industrial units they are considered as the best product in many operations in the industries. Being one of the top SS 304 nut bolt suppliers in India, we deliver a wide variety of fasteners to our customers. Though the corrosion resistance feature of SS 304 Nut Bolts is not as good as 316 it is still sufficient to fulfill the needs of the client because these Stainless Steel 304 nuts and bolts provide an adequate tensile property.